Welcome to the WD-39's official website. WD-39 is a punk rock band from Long Island, New York. Take a look around using the links above.

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WD-39 will be appearing with Clubbin' Eddie and Michelle Jameson at
The Courthouse in Massapequa Park, New York on
Saturday, August 30, 2008 at 9 PM sharp.

Review in Under the Volcano!

In issue #96, Chuck Foster reviewed our demo album "Go Home":

"WD-39 'Go Home' (WD-39, www.wd-39.com). Girl Problems can be a bitch-that's why I use WD-39 when women get me down. It clears the head of excess baggage, and when consumed with alcohol, it can be one helluva Punk Rock experience. WD-39 isn't for everyone, though. Side effects can include fist-raising, jumping around like an idiot, excessive alcohol consuption, knocking things over, bringing out your old Bad Religion and Circle Jerks records and venting anger. Ask your doctor if WD-39 is right for you!"

-Chuck Foster - Under the Volcano - Issue #96 - Audio Reviews - p. 49

Download the PDF of Under the Volcano Issue #96:
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