Current Band Members

Band History

Well it's a long story actually, but here is a quick summary. This is the third band that Joe and Kev have been in together. First in Vicious Cycle, then The Problematics, and now WD-39. Joe was the bass guitarist in the first two bands but has taken over lead vocals and guitar duties in WD-39. Pauly V. of Clubbin' Eddie fame formed WD-39 with Joe and Kev in early 2002 and still also plays bass guitar for Clubbin' Eddie. Robjoined the band as lead guitarist and also performed backup vocals at the start of 2003. He recorded the first WD-39 EP with the band in the late part of 2003 but has since moved to sunny Florida to pursue a career. In January 2004 WD-39 went back to the power-trio setup that it was before Rob joined the band, but in October 2004, Greg joined the band as the lead guitarist. As of August 2005 Greg is unaccounted for, and we're back to the core power trio setup again.